Issue nº 60

Reflections of the Warrior of the Light in 2004

Reflections of the Warrior of the Light in 2004

     Carlos Castañeda says: "The great power of the human being is his capacity to make decisions." Each decision that we take enables us to change the future and the past.
     Choosing means: "I commit myself." When someone makes a choice, they must remember that the path to be followed is going to be very different from the path imagined. Choosing means: "well, I know where I want to get to."
     Choosing also means: "I'll have to give up a lot of things." And it is with this commitment that the warrior of the light moves forward.

Choosing in peace

     The warrior of the light meditates. He sits down in a quite corner of his tent and delivers himself to the divine light.
     On doing so, he tries not to think of anything, detaches himself from the pursuit of pleasures, challenges and revelations, and lets his gifts and powers reveal themselves.
     Even though he does not notice it at the time, these gifts and powers are taking control of his life and will affect his daily life.
     As he meditates, the warrior is not himself but rather a spark of the Soul of the World. These are the moments that allow him to understand his responsibility and act accordingly. A warrior of the light knows: in the silence of his heart exists a higher order that is to show him the steps of his personal choice.

Choosing with confidence

     The warrior of the light always manages to balance Rigor and Mercy. To attain his dream he needs to have a strong will - as well as an immense capacity of self-surrender.
     Although he has an objective, the road to reach it is not always the one he imagines, so he has to use discipline and compassion. God never abandons his children - but the designs of Providence are unfathomable.
     So, for the warrior of the light nothing is abstract. Everything is concrete and everything concerns him.
     He does not sit in the comfort of his tent observing what is going on in the world, but accepts each challenge as an opportunity to transform himself.
     Some of his companions spend their lives criticizing the lack of options or commenting on the decisions of others. The warrior, however, turns his thought into action.
     Sometimes he makes mistakes, and pays the price of his error. Other times he strays from the path and wastes a lot of time getting back to the original destination.
     But a warrior does not become distracted, because he knows what he is looking for.

Choosing with decision

     A warrior of the light has the qualities of a rock.
     When he finds himself on flat terrain - all around him is in harmony - he remains stable. People can build their houses on top of what he created because the storm will not be destructive.
     Nonetheless, when they put him on uneven terrain and nothing around him appears to respect or balance his work, he demonstrates his strength rolling in the direction of the enemy who threatens his choice. Without cruelty, but with decision, the warrior does not allow himself to be paralyzed by his adversaries.
     A warrior of the light thinks of the good combat and of peace at one and the same time and knows how to act according to the circumstances.

The future becoming present

     From now on - and for some centuries to come - the Universe will help the warriors of the light and boycott the prejudiced.
     The energy of the Earth needs renovating.
     New ideas need space.
     The body and the soul need new challenges.
     The future becomes present and all the dreams - except those that involve prejudices - will enjoy the chance to manifest themselves.
     Whatever is important will remain; whatever is useless will disappear. For that reason, when lots of people gather to give their opinion on how he should act or behave, the warrior ignores all criticism, understanding that his mission on Earth leaves him no time for explaining everything he does.
     He also avoids commenting on the behavior of others: in order to have faith in his own path, he has no need to prove that the path of the other is wrong. Those who act like that have no trust in their own steps.

Fighting injustice

     T.H. Huxley says:
     "The consequences of our actions are scarecrows for the cowards and beams of light for the wise. The world is a chessboard. The pieces are the gestures of daily life, the rules are the so-called laws of nature."
     Although he concentrates on what he is doing, the warrior of the light does not look on injustice with indifference. He knows that everything is one thing alone, that each individual action affects all the men on the planet, and if he sees someone being a victim of cowardly attacks, he uses his sword to put things in order.
     But although he fights against oppression, at no moment does he try to judge the oppressor. Each one will answer for his acts before God, and that is why, once his task is accomplished, the warrior makes no further comment. A warrior of the light is in the world to help his brothers, not to condemn his neighbors.

Shunning pessimism

     To help to renew the Earth's energy, it is necessary to be aware that pessimism is contagious. Defeatism is contagious. Despair is contagious. Those who have enough sensitivity to see auras (energetic vibrations that surround living beings), perceive that before physical sickness penetrates the body, part of the vital energy is drained by the afflicted and worried brain. All that we put into today will somehow be returned to us in a cycle much like what we see in nature.

Accepting some mistakes

     The German philosopher F. Nietzsche once said: "it is no use living arguing about everything; it is part of human nature to make a mistake now and again."
     Yet we all know people who absolutely insist that they are right even down to the smallest details. We ourselves are often included in this category: we don't allow ourselves to make mistakes. All that we achieve with such an attitude is the fear of moving forward - because certain steps call for new decisions whose results are unknown to us.
     The fear of making a mistake is the door that locks us up in the castle of mediocrity: if we manage to overcome this fear, we are taking an important step towards our freedom.

And above all else, courage

     To manage to face this new moment and allow room for new ideas and for energy to be renewed, it is necessary to have courage. Courage to face prejudices. Courage to be fair. Courage to understand that everything we do affects the history of the world. Courage to take steps in the direction of the unknown, even knowing that from time to time we are going to make mistakes.
     God has done his part by creating us and putting us in the world. Now He looks down on us with love and asks us to do our part.

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