Issue nº 40

In search of the lost path |  Stories about the prince of darkness

Stories about the prince of darkness

Seeking discord
     The devil was walking along a path between two fields, where workers picked grapes.
     "I'll plant a little of that which humans like best: to be right in what they say," he thought.
     He put on a hat, one half of which was green, and the other yellow.
     - Follow me to find some treasure! - he shouted to the laborers. Then he hid behind a tree.
     The workers ran to the path.
     - Let's follow the man in the green hat - said the men from the field on the right.
     - You're trying to fool us: we must follow a man in a yellow hat - shouted the men from the field on the left.
     The discussion became more and more heated. Half an hour later, the workers had forgotten the treasure, and were killing each other with scythes - to see who was right about the color of the hat.

In search of truth
     The devil was talking to his friends when they noticed a man walking along a road. They watched him pass and saw that he bent down to pick something up.
     - What did he find? - asked one of the friends.
     - A piece of Truth - answered the devil.
     The friends were very concerned. After all, a piece of Truth might save that man's soul - one less in Hell. But the devil remained unmoved, gazing at the view.
     - Aren't you worried? - said one of his companions. - He found a piece of Truth!
     - I'm not worried - answered the devil. - Do you know what he'll do with the piece? As usual, he'll create a new religion. And he'll succeed in distancing even more people from the whole Truth.

The temptation of what is just
     A group of devils were trying to enter the soul of a holy man who lived near Cairo; they had already tempted him with Nubian women, Egyptian food, Libyan treasure, but nothing had worked.
     One day, Satan passed and saw his servants' efforts.
     - You're hopeless - said Satan. - You haven't used the only technique no one can resist; I'll teach you.
     He went over to the holy man and whispered in his ear:
     - Remember the priest who studied under you? He's just been made Bishop of Alexandria.
     Immediately, the holy man was filled with rage, and blasphemed against God's injustice.
     - The next time, use this temptation - said Satan to his subjects. - Men can resist almost everything, but they are always jealous of the victory of a fellow man.

Issue nº40