Issue nº 31

The creative process |  Stories of masters and paths
Reflections of the Warrior of the Light

Stories of masters and paths

Choosing one's destiny

      "I am willing to give up everything", said the prince to the master. "Please accept me as your disciple."
      "How does a man choose his path?" asked the master.
      "Through sacrifice," answered the prince. "A path which demands sacrifice, is a true path."
      The master bumped into some shelves. A precious vase fell, and the prince threw himself down in order to grab hold of it. He fell badly and broke his arm, but managed to save the vase.
      "What is the greater sacrifice: to watch the vase smash, or break one's arm in order to save it?" asked the master.
      "I do not know," said the prince.
      "Then how can you guide your choice for sacrifice? The true path is chosen by our ability to love it, not to suffer for it."

Overcoming obstacles

     A famous Sufi master was invited to give a course in California. The auditorium was full at 8AM - the time announced - when one of the assistants came onto the stage.
     "The master is just waking up. Please be patient."
     Time passed, and people started leaving the room. At midday, the assistant returned to the stage, saying that the master would be starting the lecture the minute he finished talking to a pretty girl he had just met. Most of the remaining audience left.
     At 4PM the master appeared - apparently drunk. This time, all but 6 people stormed out.
     "I will teach you this," said the master, ceasing to act drunk. "Whoever wishes to go down a long path, must learn that the first lesson is to overcome early disappointments."

Issue nº31